Monday, November 10, 2008

7 Wonders Of Tracy

Blah Blah 7 things about you Blah Blah tag other people

Something like that. I didn't copy it.

1. I used to sleep walk and I still talk in my sleep. I have walked out of hotel rooms and locked myself out. One time, my friend informed me, I got up and started jumping. I thought I was on a trampoline. I can hold a conversation in my sleep. Not sure how much sense I make though. I have woken myself up before by yelling at something.

2. My cousin talked me into peeing in my snowsuit to stay warm. I was around 5 years old. I was warm for maybe 30 seconds then it froze. Very miserable. The same cousin also tried talking me into eating poop. Thank goodness I didn't fall for that one.

3. I have an aversion to turning left. I will turn right and drive around the block before I turn left. If I am already on the street and only have to turn in front of one lane of traffic, I'm fine. I have hyperventilated before. I get worked up. It's not pretty. Ganger hated it.

4. I have an anger problem. I take drugs for it. I've gotten pissed off at a pencil that rolled off my desk before. It had no right to fall on the floor and make me bend over to pick it up. Yeah, it's that bad.

5. I set my playroom on fire when I was 5ish. I liked to play with matches and birthday candles. I kept it under control for so long. Then, on that fateful day, the candle burnt down to far, the flame licked my finger, and I dropped it on the shag carpet. Mom and dad came running in and were able to stomp the fire out. I was sent to my room. My father came in to punish me and I thought that burning my finger was punishment enough. My parents didn't see it that way. I believe I am still grounded to this day.

6. I have psoriasis on my arms, in my belly button, in my ears, and on my scalp. It's very very very dry skin. It itches and hurts.

7. I was born with black hair. It went white when I was 8 and has been gradually going darker ever since. I had blonde hair with really dark eyebrows growing up. People wondered if my mom bleached my hair. She didn't. I now color my hair and am not really sure what my natural color is anymore.


Angie said...

My reaction to all of these was as follows: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I love you. You crack me up :) And now I'll think twice before letting you borrow a lighter around me.

Kayla said...

Age 5 was a big year for you, Tracy. Peeing in your snowsuit AND lighting your playroom on fire. I don't know how you'll top that :)

Shannon said...

They have medicine for anger??? I have got to get that! Help me out Tracy!

Brandi Dawn said...

ha ha ha ha...ok, I'm only to the end of #4 and I am laughing sooooooooooo dang hard right now! I don't know if I can take reading the rest as I might pee my know how that feels! BAH ha ha ha! sorry. I'll stop now. BUT seriously..laughing soo hard right now!