Thursday, September 3, 2009

One for the money

I’ve never been a tea drinker. Didn't care for it. Why would I want to drink watered down flavor when I can have a Diet Coke? My view point is being slightly shifted. Theresa (an amazing lady I work with) gave me a variety pack of tea for my birthday. She has had stomach problems and told me that drinking tea was always soothing to her. She also got me a pack of Rolaids ;-) The Peppermint tea and the Ginger Twist tea are so good to my stomach. Gertie has a tendency to make me nauseous so those two really help with that. There’s also a Lemon, Cinnamon Apple, Orange, and Quietly Chamomile. I haven’t tried any of those yet. I’ll expose myself slowly. To the tea. Not nakedly. Geesh.

Speaking of Gertie, she’s coming out Friday September 18th at 2:00pm. Dr. Ranzinger is my surgeon. I work with him at the Cancer Center and I adore him. He says she needs to come out and I agree with him. I’m so tired of feeling sick. Constantly nauseous. Everything I eat makes me sick. Pain. All that together makes me tired so I just want to sleep. I asked Dr. Ranzinger what he thought about Leroy. I wanted to make he wasn’t going to poke him while in there and tick him off. He said that Leroy is on the back side of my liver and he won’t be anywhere near him. He also agrees with doing another MRI in December. Technically, 6 months out would put me in January but I’m going in December since I’ll have already met my deductible. This stuff is expensive.

Taylor had his doctor appointments in Indianapolis this week. He had the needle in the muscle test, which is extremely painful for him, and they met with the Neurological Doctor. Last time they did the needle in the muscle test it showed that the muscle was done. It wasn’t trying anymore. Well, this time it showed it trying! Wonderful news!! You never know what a 10 year old boy can do!

Does every girl want someone to send her flowers? Or is that just me?

You know that dinging sound your car makes when you leave the keys in or the lights on? I take that for granted. It’s saved me a few times.

You can’t make something be there when it’s not. No matter how hard you try. You know, like a cookie.

Fall is my all time favorite season. I am so stoked!! Seriously. I love going to pumpkin patches. Hayrides. Bonfires. Corn mazes. I love it all!!

I turned 30 last month. Made me think of past birthdays.

6th or 7th – Chuck E. Cheeses (which I’m pretty sure was called Showbiz at the time). My mom was sick so my dad and favorite seester had to step in.
13th – We camped out in my backyard in a pop up camper. We tp’d the house behind us. We realized that they would figure out who it was so we also tp’d my own house. You know, to throw them off the trail.
14th or 15th – Eric Leichty rubbed the wall of the basement and said “Oh Sandy!”
16th – Party at the lake with the girlfriends. I’m sure we went to Tippy that night. I mainly remember Johnna dumping her plate into her lap and having ketchup in her belly button.
19th – That’s the one my parents forgot. It was a period of me doing stupid things though so it’s alright.
21st – School buss. All I can say.
23rd – I think that’s when I made out with the ugly guy at The Frog.
25th – We went to The Frog and everyone dressed up.
30th – Was amazing! Had an awesome party at McKees with my friends. My mom and sister planned an amazing trip to Ft. Wayne. And, the wonderful people at work threw me a surprise party.

Looking back on the years, I have decided I can’t complain. I’m so blessed.


Kayla said...

Good luck with Operation Goodbye Gertie. I'll be praying for you.

You've had a lot of awesome birthday parties!! I remember when Chuck E Cheese was Showbiz.

Word verification: mudfudi=combination of "stick in the mud" and "fuddy duddy"

Sarah said...

I had lunch with Dr Ranzinger Tuesday! He was hilarious and I loved hearing his stories. Good choice in docs! Is he the one that you said would be offended if you didn't choose him?

You have had some KILLER parties/birthdays! Don't forget the hog roast ;)

Angie said...

Na na na na, na na na na hey hey hey goodbye Gertie.....

No you're not the only one who wants flowers sent to work. It's sweet!

I laughed out loud on the tp'ing story. Thank you for that :)

Your 28th and 29th birthdays both stemmed new relationships for your guests! How about that one? (i.e. Sarah/Aaron and Me/Mike) And hey, 30th, perhaps you will end up marrying our cook at Takaoka, you really never know! (he he)

Your random quote thing is a Colbert quote. it says "Put your money where your mouth is, it's a lot safer than a bank." Does that mean eat my money? I hope not b/c it is very dirty and covered in bacteria.

Love you babe!