Monday, January 17, 2011

Week One Day One

I did it! I took the first step. And that step was followed by many many more steps. Some of those were even quick paced steps! I jogged!

I started the couch to 5k (c25k) program tonight. There are a few reasons why I choose this program:

1. I want to finish the Purdue 5k in record time. (Record time for me)

2. I am in a competition at work. It lasts 10 weeks. I’m on a team with 3 other people. We have goals that include water intake, sleep, eating vegis and fruits, and exercise.

3. My dad has offered up a challenge. I gave him a goal of the weight I would like to lose by the end of the year. He will give me $10 for every pound lost. However, I owe him $10 for every pound I am away from my goal. For example:
a. I vow to lose 50 pounds
b. I lose 40 pounds
         i. Dad owes me $400, however
        ii. I’m shy 10 pounds so I owe him $100
       iii. That’s subtracted from his $400 so
       iv. I get $300
 c. If I lose 25 pounds it’s all a wash
 d. If I go over my goal of weight loss, dad will give me $20 per pound
 e. That money will go towards a vacation for me! I plan on celebrating my loss! Who wants to go with me??

I feel fantastic having actually started something. I have a plan to follow, which is really good for me. I tend to veer off path when there’s no direction. I downloaded a c25k podcast to my iPod so all I have to do is push play and the lady with a nice charming accent tells me when to walk, when to run, and gives me encouragement. I’m currently using my treadmill but when the weather gets nice I’m looking forward to going out on the Millrace. I hang out with my new friend, who I am going to call Penelope on good days and Freaking Bitch on bad ones, 3 times a week. My plan is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There are a couple Sundays in there I’ll have to step it up but I don’t think that’s until week 5 or so.

Right now I’m concentrating on the next 10 weeks. I have a goal of losing 15 pounds during the competition at work. C25k is a 10 week program. It works perfectly. I also hope to have pictures hung on my walls in the next 10 weeks. I’m more worried about that one! Haha!

My legs are already starting to feel sore. Guess I’ll be taking some ibuprofen and heading to bed. Curious to see how I feel tomorrow 



Anonymous said...

I believe.... in YOU! You're amazing for starting the C25K! You're going to do great! Please Please Please keep updating on here, that will be good accountability and recognition for you!

Yay for Purdue Challenge! Can't wait!

btw, cha yea I wanna go on vaca w/ ya when you accomplish the weight loss!

And yes I ended every sentence with a ! that's right!

Live you! Keep keep keep it up! Keep that T-RAC spirit up! :)

Sarah said...

Those are some big goals but I KNOW you can achieve them... and then some!

I'm proud of you lady! Keep up the awesome work even if I am going to dominate you in GFGH...

Kidding... :)